The NOVO ateliê is a place of production, diffusion and discussion on art. NOVO is conceived of a free initiative and run by artists with the purpose to develop artistic practice, educational actions and to create partnerships with other studios in São Paulo and worldwide (exhibitions, work groups and Artists in Residence). The space is opened to promote discussions related to the artistic labor through artwork and collective debate.

The ateliê searches alternative ways to act on contemporary society developing proposals that aim to approach the public to the creative process and the making of  artworks, also generating collective processes of creation and artistic means of production.

We propose a cultural exchange through the gathering of artists in residencies (foreign and domestic) for the execution of visual art projects

Residence – NOVO

Artist Resident – Interested artists must send a document of the proposed project, including visual references, period of time, personal information and the artist’s resume to contato.atelienovo@gmail.com

The artist in residence can access any part of the studio and use all the facilities available: Woodcut, Printmaking, Silk-Screen, B & W Photo Lab, Painting, Etching, Carpentry.  (Dorm) It’s been developed to accommodate a maximum of two foreign artists at the time.

Costs – Artist Resident

Plan = US $ 350,00/month (€350,00) or $ 150,00/week (individual)

US$ 500,00/month (€ 500,00) or $ 200,00/week (double)

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